Sixth Form Enrolment

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GCSE Results Day - Thursday 20 August 2020

Please contact the college on Results Day to accept or decline your place and then,
if accepting your place, complete and submit your online Enrolment Form before

Friday, 28 August 2020

(This does not commit you to taking up your place)


On GCSE Results Day and Friday 21 August, staff will be in college between 09:30 and 15:00 for you to discuss subject choices should you wish to make a changes to your options.

You will need to have a confirmed appointment before arriving on the school site. Should you wish to make an appointment please call or email – T: 01425 652039 or E: burgate@burgate.hants.sch.uk

Documents to bring on Induction Day - Wednesday 2 September 2020: 

  1. Download and print TWO copies of The Burgate Sixth Form Student Learning Contract. The student and a parent must sign these. Keep one for reference and bring the other signed copy with you on Induction Day. 

  2. If you are coming from another school, please bring a photocopy of your exam results sheet from your previous school for us to keep for verification. 

  3. Read through the notes on our website explaining our 16-19 Bursary Fund to check your eligibility. If you think you may be eligible, download, print and complete the application form from the web page and bring it with you on Induction Day or hand it in to the Sixth Form Office as early as possible in the term. 

  4. We are able to dispense over the counter medication (Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, Anti-histamine) with parental permission. If you wish to make use of this service please download and print the Parental Consent Form for dispensing over the counter medication and give it to us on Induction Day. 

  5. All Year 12 students are advised to attend the Safe Drive, Stay Alive virtual ROADSHOW in the Autumn term delivered in tutor groups.  Please download the Safe Drive Information Sheet and let us know should there be any issues which would mean we should pay particular attention to your son/daughter regarding this event. 

Induction Day Schedule

Wednesday 2 September 2020

Students should come to the Sixth Form Hall in the Avon building to sign in and be notified of their tutor group by 8:30.

Students will then enrol by tutor group and receive Induction Information to The Burgate Sixth Form. Students will have their photographs taken which will appear on their lanyard and will have time with their tutor for Induction in place of Freshers’ Day. The day will end at 15:00


Thursday 3 September 2020

Students will be with their tutor groups until lesson 3 when formal lessons begin. During this time they will take part in an interactive 75 minute presentation delivered by ELEVATE education called Study Sensei which will equip students with the study skills necessary to ease the transition to that of an A Level student. This is delivered by an external provider having received extremely positive feedback from our prior students.


Friday 4 September 2020

Lessons will commence at 12.30 so students will not be required onsite until just before 12.30, as we will be inducting other year groups in the morning. If a student has no timetabled lessons after 12:30 then it is not necessary for them to attend college on this day.


The week beginning 7 September marks the start of the normal scheduled timetabled week. This week will be a week 2.


All lessons for Year 12 will take place in The Avon Building which will be their year group bubble.


Student should walk around the buildings outside until they reach Avon to protect other year group bubbles and should not walk through the main school to get to The Sixth Form.


Timings of the college day:

Lesson 1 9:00-10:00

Lesson 2 10:00-11:00

Lesson 3 11:00-12:00

Lunch Break 12:00-12:30

Lesson 4: 12:30-13:30

Break 13:30-13:40

Lesson 5: 13:40-14:40

Lesson 6: 14:40-15:40

Bus Transport

Enrolment Fee

Bus Transport and arrival for all Burgate students – Face masks to be worn on ALL bus routes

For the sake of the health of all our students and staff, from September and until further notice, all students travelling on ALL bus services coming to the Burgate School must ensure that they are wearing a suitable face covering while travelling. This includes our school minibus.


When students arrive at the school, they will all be directed to their year group bubbles. Their tutor will meet them and each tutor group will then wash their hands, if they have travelled in on a bus, at this point they can then safely remove their masks and should place it inside a small plastic bag which can be kept in their school bag for the day. Once hands have been washed and masks removed, students will join their first class for the day within their dedicated year group zone. In the afternoon, staff will be supporting students to ensure that masks are once more worn before boarding buses in their year group bubbles for the homeward journey.


We hope you will understand that as a school we find ourselves in an impossible situation as we realise that year groups may possibly be mixing together when travelling on bus services. In order to maintain the integrity of the year group bubbles that we will be working to maintain within school, we must ask that parents please support us by ensuring that every student travelling on any bus service does wear a mask.


You may be aware that there have been social distancing restrictions on public buses. The Government is expected to announce further guidance very soon and it may be that this measure is relaxed. Should any restriction remain in place that may affect any of our bus routes will contact you.


We are currently anticipating that all bus routes will be running as normal from Wednesday 2 September unless the Government, Local Authority or bus service provider indicate otherwise. Again, we will be in touch if there is any further update on this matter.


Please note, in order to accommodate necessary timetable changes, from September the school day will end at 14:40. Please be aware that all drop-off times on the return journeys may therefore be approximately 10-15 minutes ahead of the published timetables and so parents meeting children from school buses should plan to arrive ten minutes earlier.


Bus Passes

Please refer to our school website to view our bus timetable.


B1-5 and 763

If you have not already done so, then for students travelling on these routes you may purchase tickets via Salisbury Reds: https://passes.gosouthcoast.co.uk/


MP013 – Sixth form students are not eligible to travel on this bus. This route is for main school students only.


NFV – HCC (02242) and 42 – HCC (41389)

All student previously eligible to free transport on these routes will no longer be once they begin sixth form. You may be able to purchase any spare seats on this route and will need to contact the Hampshire School Transport Team to apply: https://www.hants.gov.uk/educationandlearning/schooltransport/privilege-transport


School Minibus

Applications for our school minibus have now closed until the start of autumn term. If at the beginning of September you would like to request a seat on this service then please email: transport@burgate.hants.sch.uk

Sixth Form Enrolment Fees

There is a £100 enrolment fee to the Burgate Sixth Form which covers various resources, facilities and expenses which are explained below. Payment may be made in full or in two instalments via the School Gateway* by the deadlines below. A minimum £60 payment is a required condition of enrolment to Burgate Sixth Form..

  • There is a non-returnable fee of £35 which goes towards the provision of additional social and student facilities.

  • There is a returnable deposit of £15 towards the cost of Sixth Form academic resources which includes provision of a compulsory returnable lanyard. (Replacement lanyards will be charged for.)

  • All Year 12 students are expected to complete a compulsory careers experience at the end of the Year 12 summer term. This will provide students with an opportunity to consider and experience future careers destinations that will inform and guide UCAS applications, apprenticeships and employment. The administrative fee of £40 covers the Duty of Care checks which are carried out by CSW Enterprise.

  • There is a voluntary contribution of £10 towards two study skills sessions which are subsidised by Burgate Sixth Form provided by an external agency, one on the 3 September 2020 Study Sensei mentioned above on how to study for A-Levels and another post mocks in Year 13 on preparing for final examinations.

Payment Deadlines

1st installment of £60 (or full £100) to be paid via the School Gateway * by Friday 4 September 2020

2nd instalment of £40 to be paid via School Gateway by Friday 20 November 2020

*For new users of our School Gateway - parent accounts can be created from 09:00 on Tuesday 2 September 2020 using the first contact email and mobile number given on this enrolment form.

If you are having problems accessing our school Gateway please reply to this email or email sixthform@burgate.hants.sch.uk