Office 365, Insight & Onedrive

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Office 365 is the main login our students will need through out their school career. Through this portal they can access, Insight, Teams and OneDrive. Please click on the button to sign into Office 365.

All students need to use their school email address and password to access Office 365.

Once login is completed there are multiple platforms for students to use. Insight is a platform we use to share students behaviour profiles and homework tasks. Students will see their daily homework tasks and the parent version allows a full view of all behaviour and achievement points as well as the students homework task.

Teams is a platform we as a school have been using for live interaction and work submission over the school closure period. It provides interactive lessons and check ins for our students.

Lastly OneDrive is a file sharing point where all students can access The Burgate resources in all their subjects to help support homework and further learning outside of the classroom. 


Please Click the Insight logo to go to The Burgate Insight Login Page.

Please Click to view

The Burgate School

Student Guide to Microsoft Teams.

If you are having problems logging onto Insight please have a look at this Help Document or contact IT support via


How to upload an Assignment 


How to access Microsoft Teams.