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(Including Senior prefects, Head Boy & Girl, Deputy Head Boy & Girl and the Sports Captains)

The role of a prefect is a very important one and should not be undertaken lightly. Not only do the younger students in the school look to prefects as role models and students who are there to help and support them in many different aspects of their school life, but also parents and visitors to the school do too.

The qualities of a Prefect include:

  • leading by example ( Good attendance / punctuality/ smart uniform/ polite and well spoken)

  • setting high standards of behaviour and attitude

  • earning and gaining the respect of students and staff

  • giving of their time and energy to support other students and the school

A Prefect should be:

  • honest,  trustworthy and reliable

  • smartly dressed

  • diligent and conscientious

  • approachable & friendly

A prefect will be expected to commit to a duty at least one lunchtime a week and be ready to take on additional responsibilities on a “wet lunch break”

A Senior Prefect will be expected to:

  • set up or lead an established club or group within a specific area of interest within the school community

  • create an action plan and lead a team of students and ensure the plan is implemented effectively

  • support a specific members of senior staff or teams of staff (for example, the Lower School Pastoral Team or the Music and Drama department)

  • organise / attend some evening events, such as parents evening, creative arts evening and talent shows

The position of a prefect is highly respected and regarded by employers, colleges and universities.

You need to ensure to can answer an interview question “What did your role of a prefect entail?”

Download your Prefect Action Plan


The Prefect Team - Job Description