Year 6 Induction information

Welcome to Team Burgate!

We are delighted that your child will be joining us in Year 7 this September.


Over the coming weeks we will be uploading lots of information to this page to help our new students with the transition to our school including welcome videos and activities to help them to familiarise themselves with their new teachers, the school site and many other aspects of Burgate life. Please check back regularly to view new content and any updates.


This page also contains all of the information that parents need - but if we have missed anything or you have any question or concern, please don't hesitate to contact us via:

This is Ms Mann, Head of Year 7, she is really lovely and will help you loads!

Stuff for our new students

We are so excited to welcome our new students to The Burgate School!

Please take a look at the activities below and have a go at completing them in your own time. If you know anyone else that is joining the Burgate too, it may be fun to work on these activities together and discuss your thoughts and ideas.


If you don't yet know anyone then don't worry at all - on Induction Day later in the summer term, everyone gets to meet their new class mates and make new friends so maybe then you can chat about what you found.

Remember: Check back regularly for more activities and videos

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Click on the BBC Bitesize logo to find really great tips on how to get ready for going to secondary school...

Year 6 Induction Booklet
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Write a letter to Ms Mann using the template attached it will really help her to start to get to know.

This is a rabbit dressed up as an Easter chick -  he doesn't work at our school but lots of his family run around our playing fields...though not dressed up as chicks haha!

This is Mrs Becher, Assistant Head teacher, she is also lovely and lots of fun too - she will really help you to settle

Important stuff for parents

You will have received your welcome letter from David Pover, Headteacher and hope that you will have completed the online enrolment form - if you haven't yet completed this, please do so as soon as you are able the information you provide really helps towards our planning so that we can ensure all of our new students have the individual support they may need in September. 


Please find below some of the information you may need or be interested in. We will be adding more content here over the next few weeks as well as information regarding staff visits to primary schools, Induction Day and other updates as COVID-19 restrictions evolve. 


If you have any question or concern, please don't hesitate to contact, Carolyne Connolly, our Admissions Officer via:

Year 7 Enrolment Form 2021

Please only complete this once.

Note: If you have received a welcome letter from us via email then you may have already completed this and do not need to complete this form for a second time.


              Music Lessons: 

Uptake of music lessons is very high at The Burgate, and we are fortunate to have an excellent staff of visiting teachers offering lessons on most instruments including Saxophone, Clarinet, Oboe, Flute, Strings, Brass, Guitars (incl. Bass), Drums, Piano, and Voice.


We organise for students to receive 30 lessons across the school year, split into 3 termly blocks. Lessons last for 30 minutes and are either individual or group lessons, dependent on your preference. Lessons take place during the normal school day and timetables are rotated each week to reduce any impact on academic study. Students need to check the music noticeboard carefully every week and make note of their lesson times.



- One annual payment of £420 (equating to £14.00 per lesson) or

- Three termly* payments of £150 (equating to £15.00 per lesson)



(This is subject to enough students signing up to group lessons, and is also ability dependent to avoid mixed ability groupings.)


- One annual payment of £270 (equating to £9.00 per lesson)


- Three termly* payments of £90 (equating to £9.00 per lesson)

If you wish to choose group lessons, please indicate on the reply slip the standard your son/daughter is currently at (i.e., beginner, Grade 1, 2 etc) so groupings of similar ability can be timetabled. * Please note that termly payments are required in advance of each term upon invoice.


Please be aware that for all lessons there is an annual commitment. If students wish to cease lessons, please notify Ms Goodyear via email by the end of the Autumn Term (December), otherwise lessons and payment are expected for the remainder of the academic year.


The school heavily subsidises the costs of instrumental lessons, and therefore expects a musical commitment from students in return. We have a wide range of musical ensembles rehearsing each week and will invite your son/daughter to make a commitment to an ensemble in September.

Music lesson bookings for this September must be made by Friday 5 July 2021. Please click here.

Note: Payment should be made via the school gateway between 4-10 September 2021. Payment of one term is non-refunable.