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 Year 6 Induction information

Welcome to Team Burgate!

We are delighted that your child will be joining us in Year 7 this September.


Over the coming weeks we will be uploading lots of information to this page to help our new students with the transition to our school including welcome videos and activities to help them to familiarise themselves with their new teachers, the school site and many other aspects of Burgate life. Please check back regularly to view new content and any updates.


This page also contains all of the information that parents need - but if we have missed anything or you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us via:

Stuff for our new students

We are so excited to welcome our new students to The Burgate School!

Please take a look at the activities below and have a go at completing them in your own time. If you know anyone else that is joining the Burgate too, it may be fun to work on these activities together and discuss your thoughts and ideas.


If you don't yet know anyone then don't worry at all - on Induction Day later in the summer term, everyone gets to meet their new class mates and make new friends so maybe then you can chat about what you found.

Remember: Check back regularly for any updates

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Click on the BBC Bitesize logo to find really great tips on how to get ready for going to secondary school...

Write a letter to Ms Mann using the template attached it will really help her to start to get to know.

This is Ms Mann, Head of Year 7, she will  be looking after you throughout your first year. 

This is Mrs Becher, Assistant Head teacher, she is lovely and lots of fun too - she will really help you to settle.



Looking for a summer read? Click on this button to find a list of recommended fiction and non-fiction books suitable for all abilities to enjoy over the coming months. 

This is a rabbit - he doesn't work at our school but lots of his family run around our playing fields...and none of us are as fast as them! 

Important stuff for parents

Local Eductation Authorities notify parents of main round Year 7 school places on 1 March. If you have been allocated a place at the Burgate School you will receive a welcome email from our Headteacher,  Mr Pover, shortly after this date. This email will be sent to the email address that you included on your child's application. Please check your junk email in case it ends up in there!

Within the welcome email from Mr Pover you will be invited to enrol your child at The Burgate School in preparation for their start in September. We ask that you please complete your child's enrolment by Friday 31 March 2023 as the information you provide helps with our planning for the new academic year  to ensure all of our new students have the individual support they may need.


At the start of the summer term we will send you another email with a link to a form for you to register your child for their induction day which this year will be on, Friday 7 July 2023. 


New Starters Information - 2023


Induction Day 2023: Friday 7 July -  Our new Year 7 students should arrive by 08:30 for registration at 08:35 in their own current school uniform - no PE kit is needed on this day. We provide our new students with a snack and drink at break time and a picnic lunch. The day is spent enjoying fun taster lessons and exploring the school. The school day will finish at 3pm when we will help those who have indicated they will be travelling by bus to board the correct service or parents can collect from this time.


Travel will only be available on the B1-B6 or 763 and parents must have notified us on the induction day registration forms submitted earlier this year. Travel on these routes will be free. We do expect parents to assist their child with boarding the correct bus route in the morning and in the afternoon we will help students on to the bus route indicated on induction day registration forms. 


Bus transport for Year 6 students will not be possible on any of our other Burgate Bus routes on this date. 

It is the responsibility of parents to let the the school know of any changes to the information they submitted when registering your child to come to this event before the date, particularly regarding how your child will be collected on this day, any medical, SEND or dietary changes. 

First day of Term for new Year 7 students 2023: 

Our new year 7 students will start on Monday 4 September 2023. All school transport services will be running on this day and students should arrive in Burgate School uniform. 

School Uniform:

Please follow the links below to view info on uniform and to order. The Purchase button links to our online shop. We do advise you order before 1 August 2023 to ensure dispatch before the start of term.

Important Note: 

To ensure delivery for the start of term we strongly advise that you place your orders by the 1 August 2023.

Any parent that would like their school uniform order delivered to us here at school please note: The last 'into school' delivery this academic year will be Friday 14 July 2023 TBC. Orders must be collected from us by Monday 17 July 2023.


There will be one further 'into school' delivery during the summer break TBC.

The first delivery into school after this will be TBC. 

Uniform Policy - What uniform my child will need.

Price and Buckland online uniform shop

We also offer a “Nearly new” uniform service to parents.

“Nearly New” items can be purchased at huge savings and many will be new/nearly new or in very good condition. If you have any items you wish to donate to the school to be upcycled, please take them to the main school office clearly labelled for this purpose. Clean and good quality items will be gratefully accepted!

Please contact us via: or call 01425 652039.

Travelling to The Burgate

Please take some time to look at our safe and smart tips for travelling to The Burgate and the Hampshire Road safety newsletter designed for students and secondary school transition.


Please check our school travel page for information and bus timetables to be sure of routes, bus stops, ticketing and exact times. Students should arrive at bus stops 5-10 minutes prior to the published collection time. It is very rare but possible owing to traffic that buses may on occasion be delayed - as soon as the school is aware of any issues we will send an email school comms message to parents to update them. 

If you believe your child may be eligible to free school bus transport you will need to apply directly to your local school transport team by 1 July to ensure that transport is organised in time for the beginning of the school term.



School Payments and Lunch money - Parents can create School Gateway accounts for new Year 7 students via the link below to add lunch money or make other payments Monday 4 September 2023. after 09:00 via the link below. To register, you must enter the main parent/carer email address and mobile number that matches the contact details given to us on the student enrolment form.

Create a School Gateway Account - HERE from Monday 4 September after 09:00

Should you have any problems creating an account from TBC 5 please email:


Biometric Canteen and Vending Payments:

There is a £5.00 spend limit each day across the canteen and vending machines and you can see what your child has bought by checking their gateway account. When your child’s canteen credit falls to £0.00 you will receive a text message asking you to top up. Please be aware that credit can take up to two hours to appear on your child’s account.

Who to contact and how once your child starts in September:

Absence -

Please call or email the school before 08:15 email:

It is important that you identify who you are in your call or email/ give your child’s name and tutor group and the reason for their absence. You will need to call or email on each day that your child is absent unless they have a long term condition that the school has been made aware.


Concerns or Questions -

Most of the time, if you have a concern or question about your child’s progress, health or social wellbeing the first person to contact should be your child’s tutor. The best way to do this is via email. School email addresses are first initial followed by surname and then so for example


Staff members try very hard to answer any queries within 24 hours. If you feel the issue is very urgent or sensitive then please let the school office know or else contact your child’s Head of Year, Ms Mann -


Specific subject query –

In this instance it is probably best to contact your child’s subject teacher or the Head of Department. Again, staff will do all they can to get back to you within 24 hours.

Other information:

The Burgate School Day -

Registration - 08:35

Lesson 1 - 08:45

Lesson 2 - 09:45

Breaktime - 10:45

Lesson 3 - 11:00

Lesson 4 - 12:00

Lunch/Tutor Lesson - 13:00

Lesson 5 - 14:00

Enrichment Options - 15:00 (these are activities are optional)

Homework in Year 7 -

In year 7, students are set homework regularly by the teachers.  The purpose of homework will be to either consolidate what students have learnt in a lesson or series of lessons, to practice skills or to revise for a low stakes quiz. Homework may also involve some work to prepare for an upcoming lesson.  Homework tasks are not intended for students to teach themselves new content. 


It is possible that English and Maths may set homework up to twice a week but most other subjects will set a homework task once a week. Where a subject is only taught for a single period each week, homework will be set no more than once a fortnight.


Extra Curricular Activities -

We have a fantastic programme of enrichment activities that run each day after school.  Please follow the link to view current enrichment options: Enrichment activities

Basic Equipment -

As a result of the COVID-19 crisis we are asking that students only bring to school the essentials and no other items in their school bag. Some essential items are listed below:


  • For all lessons students should ensure they have the following equipment – Pens (a good writing pen or equivalent), green pen, pencils (HB), ruler, eraser, pencil sharpener and coloured pencils. Students also need scissors, a glue stick and highlighters for homework. These items should be kept in a sturdy pencil case and all items should be named.  

  • For Mathematics and Science – a pair of compasses, a protractor and a calculator will be needed. Calculators are available to purchase from the Math’s department.

  • For MFL - a pocket dictionary – Oxford, Collins or Heinemann.


                    Music Lessons: 

Uptake of music lessons is very high at The Burgate, and we are fortunate to have an excellent staff of visiting teachers offering lessons on most instruments including Saxophone, Clarinet, Oboe, Flute, Strings, Brass, Guitars (incl. Bass), Drums, Piano, and Voice.


We organise for students to receive 30 lessons across the school year, split into 3 termly blocks. Lessons last for 30 minutes and are either individual or group lessons, dependent on your preference. Lessons take place during the normal school day and timetables are rotated each week to reduce any impact on academic study. Students need to check the music noticeboard carefully every week and make note of their lesson times.



- One annual payment of £450 (equating to £15.00 per lesson) or

- Three termly* payments of £160 (equating to £16.00 per lesson)



(This is subject to enough students signing up to group lessons, and is also ability dependent to avoid mixed ability groupings.)


- One annual payment of £285 (equating to £9.50 per lesson)


- Three termly* payments of £95 (equating to £9.50 per lesson)

If you wish to choose group lessons, please indicate on the reply slip the standard your son/daughter is currently at (i.e., beginner, Grade 1, 2 etc) so groupings of similar ability can be timetabled. * Please note that termly payments are required in advance of each term upon invoice.


Please be aware that for all lessons there is an annual commitment.

If students wish to cease lessons, please notify Ms Goodyear via email by the end of the Autumn Term (December), otherwise lessons and payment are expected for the remainder of the academic year.


The school heavily subsidises the costs of instrumental lessons, and therefore expects a musical commitment from students in return. We have a wide range of musical ensembles rehearsing each week and will invite your son/daughter to make a commitment to an ensemble in September.

Music lesson bookings for this September must be made by Friday 7 July 2023. Please click here.

Note: Payment should be made via the school gateway by Friday 8 September 2023.  Payment of one term is non-refunable. 


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