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Curriculum Intent: 


Our aim in English is to provide a broad and balanced, knowledge-rich curriculum which:

  • engages all students and inspires a love of reading and an appreciation for the value of literature.

  • provides all students with the knowledge and skills to become confident, independent, and resilient thinkers, writers, and communicators.

  • enables all students to engage with a diverse range of challenging literary and non-literary texts which promote spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development and ensure that the cultural capital of all our students is continually enriched.


Course Guidance:


AQA GCSE Language:

AQA GCSE Literature:

AQA A Level Language:

Students study the mechanics of spoken and written language; how we use words to create meaning and how our social context affects our language use.

EDEXCEL A Level Literature:

This course allows students to discover how central narrative is to the way literary texts work. We aim for students to experience texts from as many times, genres and writers as possible, to prepare them fully for further study.

Learning Explorations Year 9

Our GCSE Literature course gives students the opportunity to acquaint themselves with canonical works of literary fiction, encountering many of our literary greats. However, we want to give our students more opportunities to immerse themselves in the writing of their own time and to experience how contemporary writers are responding to the world and events around us, just like J.B Priestley was back in 1945. This seems particularly important as our students have lived through a time of considerable change: the global pandemic, climate change and the war in Ukraine, to name but a few.


Year 9 students see how writing is used as a vehicle for political comment and a tool for reflection, we finish Year 9 with a unit called ‘Contemporary Literature as Social Commentary’. The focus will change annually because the world around us is always changing. However, each year students will see how writers have responded to a current issue whilst giving them a chance to wield their own pen too.


Sixth Form


English is taught in purpose built rooms which allow us to make use of a range of virtual and interactive resources as well as the more traditional text books. Lessons in the Sixth Form are often discussion based and the students are encouraged to develop their interpersonal skills alongside their written and analytical skills. There is a very strong and friendly culture within the department which is fostered by trips to theatre productions and academic conferences.

Through experienced and enthusiastic teaching we are proud of the results our students achieve as well as the numbers who go on to continue their English education at university. Communication skills which are fostered during an A Level English course are vital components in many other courses too.

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