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Special Educational Needs

and Disability (SEND)

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Our aim is to offer effective, high quality SEND support to enable students to access courses that are beneficial to their personal enrichment and future economic well-being. We will remove barriers to learning and allow students to be enthusiastic about learning and to have high expectations in the pursuit of excellence. Our LSA team promotes the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of all students. We want our students to uphold British values and be respectful to others as well as to be tolerant and understanding of others differences. We want to promote a culture of inclusivity and for our students to be safe, resilient and reflective and be able to make informed choices that effect positively on their own well-being.

Curriculum Intent

Our values and beliefs
  • We believe in ‘Learning for Life’ for all our students

  • We value the differences and diversity that exist within the school community

  • We promote inclusion

  • We believe that every Burgate child matters.

We aim to:
  • Meet the needs of the whole child

  • Remove barriers to learning

  • Raise student self-esteem

  • Build student confidence, independence and resilience.

  • Provide personalised support and teaching within a relevant and carefully tailored curriculum.


We recognise that all students have the right to take part fully in every aspect of the life of the school and we do everything we can to make this possible. We are committed to making our curriculum and extra-curricular activities accessible to all our students and we are striving to make our school site and buildings as accessible as possible to all our students, staff, parents and users.

About SEND

All About Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)


Students with SEND might have difficulty with:

  • Reading, writing or mathematics

  • Understanding information

  • Understanding other people

  • Expressing themselves

  • Organising themselves

  • Managing their behaviour

  • Making friends

  • Relating to adults

  • Sensory perception

  • Physical mobility


According to his/her level of need, a child may be at one of two stages on the SEN Code of Practice:

  • SEN support: Extra help is given that is additional to, or different from, what is provided for the majority of children. We will assess the needs of the student to clearly identify their area of need. We will involve parents and students in this process. Progress is reviewed termly.

  • EHCP: This is an Education, Health and Care Plan for a small number of students with the most complex needs.These replaced statements of SEN.

The School Offers the Following According to each Child’s Special Educational Needs:

What we offer
  • Quality first teaching

  • A curriculum to match each individual student’s needs

  • Differentiated provision as advised by the SEND Department and the student’s Individual Learning Plan.

  • Dyslexia support with a specialist teacher

  • ELSA support for students with behavioural, emotional or social difficulties

  • In-class support from Learning Support Assistants (LSAs)

  • Support in completing homework through our Homework Club

  • Access to ICT and specialist equipment

  • Catch-up programmes in literacy and numeracy

  • Exam access arrangements

  • Extra help from external services (e.g. Educational Psychologists or Specialist Teacher Advisors)

  • Careers advice

  • Headstart - an enhanced transition to the Burgate programme

  • Close working relationships with parents


Outcomes for students: The extra help the school offers will enable each child to:

  • Reach his/her full potential

  • Achieve his/her personal best

  • Make good progress

  • Feel valued and included

  • Enjoy school


Partnership with parents: The school works in partnership with parents to meet each child’s needs. This means:

  • We listen to the views of parents

  • Parents are equal partners in decisions about their child’s education

  • Parents are kept informed about their child’s needs and progress

SEND Policy

The School SEND Policy

The school SEND policy is reviewed every year and revised in discussion with parents/carers, students, staff and trustees.It can be viewed form our Policies webpage.


Exam Access Arrangements Policy
The school's exam access arrangements policy can be viewed from our Policies webpage.

The Local Authority SEND Policy

A copy of the Local Authority SEND Policy and lots of information, advice and guidance is available on the Hampshire County Council



Dealing with complaints

Parents who are not satisfied with the school’s provision for their child should write to the Headteacher in the first instance, explaining the nature of their concerns. If necessary the Board of Trustees can be involved. If the matter cannot be resolved, parents are entitled to pursue the matter through the external complaints procedure set out on page 245 of the SEND Code of Practice.

More info

Further information & advice

If you have any other questions or concerns about SEN provision at The Burgate School and Sixth Form please contact our SENCO: Mr Philip Brennan or our SEN Trustee: Mrs Wendy Gregoire: Phone: 01425 652039 e-mail:

Useful websites

Useful Websites

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SpLD Trust 

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