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We have a comprehensive bus network servicing our school and Sixth Form. Our location on the edge of the New Forest, between Salisbury and Ringwood means that we have students joining us from across the area.

Our dedicated school buses serve many parts of Salisbury and the surrounding villages as well as Fordingbridge and its surrounding villages. Students living within our transport catchment area may be entitled to free school transport and should contact the Hampshire School Transport team or Dorset School Transport team to confirm this and to apply for passes. Students living outside of our transport catchment area will need to purchase tickets and details of the different routes, service providers and where to purchase tickets may be found on our website.


Students 16 years and over are not eligible for free school transport once they have finished Year 11 but may purchase privilege passes or daily tickets depending on the route and service provider and details of these are also found on our website. 

Students moving from Year 6 to Year 7 in September should complete online applications via either Hampshire County Transport or Dorset County Transport or any of our service providers by the beginning of July to ensure that transport is organised for the first day of term. School minibus routes are subject to viability each year and possible route changes. Applications for a seat on any of our minibus routes must be made directly to the school by the second week in July and will be allocated on a first come first served basis. To apply for a seat on a minibus service, please email





School Travel Entitlement and Privilege Passes - If you believe you are entitled to free school transport to The Burgate please contact the appropriate transport team within the county that you live. Please contact your local team also to purchase Privilege bus passes for those joining our Sixth Form.

Transport Support for Families with three or more students or for Sixth Form Bursary Students 
For families with three or more students studying with us (Year 7 - 13) we may be able to offer a financial contribution to bus passes up to £500 pa. Additionally, Sixth Form students entitled to Bursary Support are entitled to claim for 50% contribution to their bus passes.

School Minibus Services

For a seat on the school minibus service please apply directly to the school by Monday 9 July 2020 by emailing:

Salisbury Reds Bus Ticket Purchasing:

*Main school students from Alderholt are not permitted to travel on this minibus service and should continue travel via the DCC/MP013. This minibus service will however provide bus provision from Alderholt for our sixth form students. For a seat on the school minibus service please apply directly to the school by Monday 9 July 2020 by emailing:

Our Burgate School Travel Plan

We work together with Hampshire County Council School Travel Planning Department to produce our School Travel Plan.

Please click the links to find our Silver Stars Award School Travel Plan, our Park and Stride Map along with some Park wise Information from Hampshire County Council below.

Hampshire residents

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