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Getting to The Burgate

We have a comprehensive bus network servicing our school and sixth form. Our location on the edge of the New Forest, between Salisbury and Ringwood means that we have students joining us from across the area.

Our dedicated school buses serve many parts of Salisbury and the surrounding villages as well as Fordingbridge and its surrounding villages. Students living within our transport catchment area may be entitled to free school transport and should contact the Hampshire School Transport team or Dorset School Transport team to confirm this and to apply for passes. Students living outside of our transport catchment area will need to purchase tickets and details of the different routes, service providers and where to purchase tickets may be found below.

Transport question? Please email:

Click on a route below to view full details and times:  


B1 - Broad Chalke to Burgate School via Wilton Road - City Centre

B2 - Stratford Road to Burgate School via Salisbury - West Harnham

B3 - Bishopdown Farm to Burgate School via Devonshire Road - City Centre

B4 - Coombe Bissett to Burgate School via Martin - Damerham - Sandleheath

B5 - Whiteparish to Burgate School via Rowbarrow

B6 - St Peters Place to Burgate School via Devizes Road - City Centre

763 - Nomansland to Burgate School via Woodfalls - Downton - Breamore

HCC - 02242 (NFV) Hale to Burgate School via Woodgreen - Godshill

HCC - 41389 (42) North Gorley to Burgate school via Hyde - Stuckton

DCC - MP013 Alderholt to Burgate School

School Minibus

Note: Routes and times may be subject to changes at short notice where service disruption occurs or where service providers change.



Students moving from Year 6 to Year 7 in September should complete online applications via either Hampshire County Transport or Dorset County Transport or any of our service providers by the beginning of July to ensure that transport is organised for the first day of term. School minibus routes are subject to viability each year and possible route changes. Applications for a seat on any of our minibus routes must be made directly to the school by the second week in July and will be allocated on a first come first served basis. To apply for a seat on a minibus service, please email

Students 16 years and over are not eligible for free school transport once they have finished Year 11 but may purchase privilege passes or daily tickets depending on the route and service provider and details of these are also found on our website. Students in the sixth form may have a subject lesson timetabled between 15:00-16:00 and should speak to their subject teacher where this may result in any transport issues.  

Ticket information -


Salisbury Reds Buses B1-B6 and 763 

To purchase a ‘scholars pass’ for a half term or term, please follow the link below -

NOTE: Tickets for the new academic year (2023/2024) will be available to purchase from Salisbury Reds from the last week in July:

You will need to upload a jpeg image of your child for their bus pass. A termly ‘scholars pass’ for a dedicated Burgate School bus entitles the holder  to use the relevant school bus service during term time when the school is open and on many of the routes, to additionally use other Salisbury City routes R1-PR15, Park and Ride and the 44. It also permits the holder on certain routes to travel on the X3 between Salisbury and Burgate School except the 07:30 weekday commuter service from Salisbury to Burgate and the 14:59 weekday service from Burgate to Salisbury. This type of ticket is valid 24hrs a day, 7 days a week including half term holidays. - Please check eligible routes with Salisbury Reds at the time of purchase.


Some Hampshire residents may be eligible to free school transport on some of these buses and should contact Hampshire County Council (HCC) to check eligibility, the applicable bus route and to apply for a free entitled bus pass.

HCC 02242  and HCC 41389 


These bus routes are run by Hampshire County Council and currently Herringtons Coaches services the 41389 and Salisbury Reds service the 02242 route. Hampshire residents may be eligible to free school transport on these services and should contact HCC to check eligibility and to apply for a free entitled bus pass. Bus passes cannot be purchased directly from the service provider for these routes. 

Students moving from Y6 to Y7 in September should complete the HCC online application. Deadline for bus passes is normally 30 June each year. Applications received after this date will still be processed, however they cannot then guarantee that transport will be set up for the first day of term in September:


If you are not entitled to transport as are living outside of the HCC entitled transport catchment for our school or if you are in or entering post 16 education (Sixth Form) then it may be possible to purchase a Privileged ticket via HCC or on a service routes, to pay daily, directly to Herringtons Coaches. Seats for non-eligible students are available on a first come first served basis.


IMPORTANT: HCC may at any time revoke privileged bus passes and issue a refund for non-eligible students should an entitled child subsequently require that seat. 

DCC/ MP013


Students in the main school are entitled to free transport and should apply for a bus pass for this route via Dorset County Council (DCC). Any student in or joining our Sixth Form will not be entitled to free transport on this route but could contact Dorset directly to purchase any surplus available seats on this route prior to the start of each term.  Non-entitled (Sixth Form) students from Aderholt can apply for a seat on the school minibus before the end of June by emailing:  


Main school students from Alderholt cannot use the minibus service unless by prior agreement. 


IMPORTANT: DCC may at any time revoke bus passes sold for surplus seats and issue a refund for non-eligible students should an entitled child subsequently require that seat.

School Minibus

This service is predominantly for Alderholt Sixth Form Students but where there is availability, in certain circumstances, the minibus can also serve main school students living in Ringwood, Poulner and Ibsley. Main school students from Alderholt are not permitted to travel on this minibus service and should travel via the DCC/MP013. -


There is a charge for this service which is payable directly to the school.


For a seat on our school minibus service please apply directly to the school before the end of June by emailing:


Applications received after this date will be processed, however we cannot guarantee this will happen in time to secure a seat on the minibus for the first day of term in September. It is therefore essential that you please consider an alternative arrangement until you have received confirmation that a seat has been allocated for your child. Confirmation of seats will confirmed via email before the end of the summer holiday.

Seats are allocated on a first come, first served basis though if you are in the main school and have had a seat on a minibus service in the previous school year your seat will carry over until you either leave the main school or inform us the seat is no longer required.


Payment for the school minibus service is via your child’s school gateway account. Payments appear on accounts at the beginning of each term. Payments may be split into instalments across each term of the academic year. The annual charge for a seat on our minibus for 2023/2024 is £880


*Burgate School Minibus routes are subject to viability and route changes.

School Travel Entitlement and Privilege Passes - If you believe you are entitled to free school transport to The Burgate please contact the appropriate transport team within the county that you live. Please contact your local team also to purchase Privilege bus passes for those joining our Sixth Form.

Transport Support for Families with three or more students or for Sixth Form Bursary Students 
For families with three or more students studying with us (Year 7 - 13) we may be able to offer a financial contribution to bus passes up to £500 pa. Additionally, Sixth Form students entitled to Bursary Support are entitled to claim for 50% contribution to their bus passes.

Our Burgate School Travel Plan

We work together with Hampshire County Council School Travel Planning Department to produce our School Travel Plan.

Please click the links to find our Silver Stars Award School Travel Plan, our Park and Stride Map along with some Park wise Information from Hampshire County Council below.

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