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Computing & ICT

Curriculum Intent

Curriculum Intet

Our aim is for students to develop understanding for all of the technology that surrounds them. We want students to not only understand how to use technology effectively, safely and responsibly  but also how technology is developed and constantly redeveloped into new and exciting tools.

Students will become confident and robust problem solvers and understand how to better use computers as a tool, a tool that can be configured and reconfigured to solve any number of problems that face us now and that will face us further into the future.

Computing Department

Year 7 and 8

Our focus in KS3 is on the three main strands of Computing:

  1. Computer Science   How computers can be used to solve problems.

  2. Information Technology   How computers store, manipulate and transmit our data.

  3. Digital Literacy   How to use computers effectively, responsibly and safely.

Through a range of practical and thought provoking topics we aim to develop confidence, understanding and application in all three stands over the two years of KS3.

Years 7&8

KS4 Computer Science GCSE (AQA 8520)

Year 9,10 and 11

Building from our KS3 foundations, the GCSE will focus mainly on the computer science strand. With the full three years we intend for to enrich, enhance and achieve exam success with all students.

Problem solving skills will be enhanced through a series of enriched programming topics. Formal programming used in exams will get greater emphasis. Students will not simply learn to program computers in one language such as Python, or, rather, they will be knowledgeable of programming itself.

Deep understanding of all computer sciences core concepts will be achieved over time through classwork and meaningful research.


KS5 Computer Science A level (AQA 7517)

Year 12 and 13

A level Computer Science looks to both further enhance understanding gained at GCSE following a similar but much more in depth specification, as well as, underpin the typical foundation year met by students who wish to continue with Computer Science into further education.

Formal as well as practical programming is assessed via on screen examinations and a student led programing project. This makes up 60% of the course.

Deep and technical understanding of how computers operate will make up the remaining 40%, examined more traditionally with a paper based examination.

 Download the Scheme of Work for:  A Level Computer Science

A level

BTEC Level 3 ICT

Year 12 and 13

Alternative or additional to computer science. BTEC Level 3 ICT looks to focus on the Information technology and digital literacy strands.

Students will be expected to learn how to manage data through the design and usage of Databases in an examined unit. Through a further examined unit, students will gain a deeper understanding and make use of ICT applications typically used throughout industry today.

A final project will allow students to create professional and well-designed digital artefact which will be assessed internally and moderated externally.

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