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Curriculum Intent:


Our aim is for all students to develop an intellectual curiosity. We expect our students to develop confidence through reasoning, debate, analysis and reflection. Through our lessons we want our students to learn respect and tolerance for each other, for different ideas, for other cultures and acquire an appreciation of global citizenship.


We promote resilience by encouraging students to challenge each other’s ideas through enquiry based learning and challenging accepted knowledge by analyses of differing historical interpretations. Ultimately our aim is to create the students of the future who don’t just accept information but objectively question it and come to an informed decision.


History is a popular subject at The Burgate School and continues to be one of the largest option subjects at GCSE and A-Level. Teaching in the History Department is conducted through a range of activities: working with a variety of historical sources, performing role plays, staging class debates and using videos. Alongside this, there are opportunities for GCSE and A level students to participate in trips both at home and abroad to support their courses.


The History Department is committed to improving literacy across the curriculum. Our lessons focus on the traditional skills of historical enquiry and using evidence but also communicating about the past through extended writing tasks and oral presentations.



A Level: AQA -

Note: Please view course overview for more information on the subject components we teach. 

Learning Explorations Year 9

In Year 9 students study the USA, 1920 - 1932. Students are taught about the boom years of the 1920s and the causes and consequences of the Wall Street Crash. The course complements their study of Germany 1888 - 1945 and students are able to compare and contrast the Golden Age
of Germany in the 1920s with the USA, as well as the rise of Nazism in the 1930s as a consequence of Great Depression to
Roosevelt's interventionist approach with the New Deal in the USA.  


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