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Physical Education and Sport

Curriculum Intent: 


Physical Education is an integral part of the curriculum at The Burgate School and Sixth Form Centre. Physical Education promotes the school motto, “Learning for Life” in preparing students to be active and healthy after they leave school. We try to encourage students to find activities which they enjoy and which they can continue to participate in into their adulthood. 

Our curriculum is extensive, covering all the areas of the National Curriculum, and offering a wide range of sports and activities, both in competitive and recreational situations. 

Students can take part in the following activities: 

Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Cross country, Dance, Football, Frisbee, Golf, Gymnastics, Health Related Exercise, Hockey, Lacrosse, Netball, Orienteering, Rounders, Rugby, Softball, Table tennis, Tennis, Trampolining, Volleyball, Weight Training. 

Course guidance:  


OCR Cambridge National Sports Studies  

OCR Cambridge Technicals  


Extra-Curriculum Activities

We offer a vast range of extra-curricular activities both at lunchtime and after school. These activities range from recreational clubs such as Badminton, Trampolining or Softball to competitive fixtures and team practices in the major games such as: Rugby, Netball and Hockey. These activities are run by a variety of leaders: the PE department, young leaders from our own main school programme, other members of staff, volunteers from the community or external coaches.

Download our PE Kit Policy including our Non-Participation Policy


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