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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)

At The Burgate School and Sixth Form we want everyone to feel valued for who they are

and we are committed to ensuring all within our community can thrive.   

Our promise is to champion diversity and provide an inclusive culture to empower our students and staff. We support equality and opportunity for all within our school community, and we promote an anti-discriminatory environment where everyone feels safe, respected, and has a sense of belonging. Our goal is to help to create a more equitable world. 

We recognise that discrimination can be direct or indirect and can take place at an institutional level, in personal spaces and online. We take pride in delivering initiatives that address these challenges that in turn help to empower members of our community to not only combat this, but to allow us to challenge language, behaviour, or digital communication associated with any form of discrimination.  

Our Burgate Shared Values

Kindness, Honesty, Inclusivity, Ambition, Fairness, Confidence, Enthusiasm, Creativity.

We actively foster principles that ensure understanding, acceptance and respect encapsulate all aspects of Burgate Life. 

We constantly strive to develop our knowledge and understanding of academic and professional thought, individual experiences, and best practice in matters pertaining to EDI. We routinely seek feedback from all stakeholders. This helps us to not only reflect on our practices but to recognise the changing needs within our community and to support continual improvement. 



Every student is valued for who they are and offered a curriculum and enrichment beyond the classroom that promotes curiosity and flexibility of thought that is supported by the outstanding provision of Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development (SMSC). Our approach to learning always reflects our Burgate values so that learning is accessible to every student. We foster positive attitudes and build strong relationships to support a shared sense of cohesion, belonging, respect and tolerance that strengthens our commitment to eliminate discrimination in all forms. We strive to ensure our young people embrace and celebrate individuality and differences as they navigate the future.


Beyond any statutory obligation, we ensure staff at The Burgate feel understood, empowered and respected. We ensure equality and opportunity for all staff members and an anti-discriminatory environment. From the recruitment process to onboarding and throughout their career, prospective and existing staff are assured of our ongoing commitment to provide a sense of belonging that enables each individual to be their authentic self.


At The Burgate we are person centred. As such, reasonable adjustments are available for every applicant and staff member with no prerequisite to disclose and no formal diagnosis required. 

To view our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy please click here

Equality Objectives 2022-2026


We develop specific objectives every four years based on our Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED) to eliminate discrimination and other conduct prohibited by the Equality Act 2010, advance equality of opportunity between people who share a protected characteristic and people who do not share it and to foster good relations across all characteristics between people who do share a protected characteristic and people who do not within our school community.


Objectives consider both national, county and school level priorities including the views consulted upon with stakeholders to establish equality objectives based on information collected on protected groups and accessibility planning.

Each year we update the progress made against objectives set within the current cycle.

Annual Update on Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity (EDI) Objectives - October 2023

Objective 1: To narrow the gap in overall attainment and progress for all vulnerable student groups.

Progress: A gap in progress remains for our Disadvantaged learners and those who are persistently absent. This in in line with the national picture. The school has ongoing strategies for both Disadvantaged students and attendance alongside updated staff training and link trustee work.


Objective 2: To narrow the gap in attendance for all vulnerable student groups. Pupil Premium (PP) and Free School Meals (FSM).


20/10/2022: Main school non-PP/FSM = 94.94%

20/10/2022: Main school PP/FSM = 89.18%

21/7/2023: Main school non-PP/FSM = 93.22%

21/7/2023: Main school PP/FSM = 87.26%

20/10/2023: Main school non-PP/FSM = 94.88%

20/10/2023: Main school PP/FSM = 90.74%


Objective 3: To narrow the gap in Maths and English between non-disadvantaged and Disadvantaged students. 

Progress: There is a considerable gap in vulnerable students not achieving a grade 5 in Maths and a less significant gap, but a gap nonetheless, achieving grade 5 in English. The two strategies outlined above address this challenge alongside the department improvement plans for both subjects. Presentations are given to Trustees by subject leads to update on the relevant action plans. Data can be located in the School  on Check Schools website.


Objective 4: To encourage students to consider non-stereotypical career options and develop more opportunities for students to meet professionals working in non-stereotypical roles, and to learn more about what the job entails through diverse work placements.

Progress: We have created a careers guide which is shared with students and parents, promoting opportunities for all. In recent Year 10 mock interviews, students were actively encourage to look for jobs that challenged these stererotypes. External business representative came into school and interviewed the students. Some of these business representatives challenged stereotypes: Female scientist, female accountant from JP Morgan, young undertaker.

Objective 5: Become a ‘Disability Confident Employer’ to help positively change attitudes, behaviours, and cultures and to address any potential under-representation of people with disabilities in the school workforce.


We are registered and certified by the DWP as a Level 1 Disability Confident Committed Employer and have committed to:

  • ensure our recruitment process is inclusive and accessible

  • communicating and promoting vacancies

  • offering an interview to disabled people who meet the minimum criteria for the job

  • anticipating and providing reasonable adjustments as required

  • supporting any existing employee who acquires a disability or long-term health condition, enabling them to stay in work

  • at least one activity that will make a difference for disabled people

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