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Welcome to The Burgate Sixth Form

With nineteen years’ experience at The Burgate School, it is with genuine pride and pleasure that I welcome you as Head of Sixth Form for what are likely to be your most exciting years of education so far. Having watched the Sixth Form grow from a small cohort of a hundred in 1996 to a thriving community of over three hundred students from more than a dozen different schools I know that diversity and individual care are two of our greatest strengths.

As an educational leader I am passionate that as a Sixth Form we foster independence, resilience and creativity. I believe that the key to exam success is not only inspiring teaching and a stimulating learning environment, but also balancing hard-work at Sixth Form with other meaningful interests and enriching pastimes.

As a mother of two teenage sons my focus is very much on the well-being of each student as a whole person. Life is a journey not a race and, alongside academic achievement, young people need to be nurtured emotionally: to manage change, to be dignified in success and understand that failure is a necessary component to be embraced on the road to ever greater accomplishments.


Mrs S Fenner    

Head of the Sixth Form

Encouraging students to engage with the world beyond the classroom is very important to us, be that helping in the local community or journeying to the other side of the world. In recent years it has been a great privilege to share in students’ experience of foreign travel, leading group visits to America and Europe. It will be reassuring for you to know that alongside the wide and varied cultural opportunities we foster, we actively promote the principles of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs. These British Values are explicit within the 

Every Burgate Child Matters document and help

you to become positive and effective members of society.

Perhaps my greatest joy in working at The Burgate is that I find it

extremely inspiring being around our students. They give me insight

and cheer on a daily basis and make me feel extremely optimistic

about the kind of society we are building for the future.

In short our Sixth Form is a place of harmony, challenge, diversity and

compassion. Long may it continue to be so.

I hope this welcome has given you just a flavour of our Sixth Form.

We are very proud of all who help it to be a fantastic place to

continue your education.

Mrs S Fenner

Head of the Sixth Form

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