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Art & Design

Graffiti Wall

Wonder, Question and Consider in Art and Design at The Burgate.

Curriculum Intent: 


We aim for our young artists and designers to engage with the history and contemporary practice of creative and visual culture. They will design and make practical outcomes with connections to other artists and designers from around the world. Students will develop their enquiry through the exploration of themes and materials. They will refine their individual practice and understand their context in the wider world. We aim for students to be able to apply their knowledge to applications beyond the classroom, on the personal, commercial and professional platform of visual art or hospitality and catering. Our students will become creative thinkers, be able to solve problems and become successful in visual presentation. 


Our artists, designers and chefs will wonder, question and consider! 


The Art and Design Department offers well equipped studios, dark rooms and workshops. Teachers are highly skilled specialists in their own fields and are committed to providing the highest quality teaching and learning possible. We are very proud of our Artists and Designers at Burgate. We have a very high standard of work and excellent results. 


We have regular exhibitions around the school and in professional spaces and our students enter and win local and national competitions. 


We have very high expectations of our students and above all expect ENTHUSIASM and DEDICATION. 


Trips and visits are an essential part of our learning. We regularly visit London and Salisbury and have visited Venice and Florence. 

GCSE: Exam Board - Edexcel GCSE Art and Design (2016) Specification

WJEC Level 1/2 Vocational Award in Hospitality and Catering (Technical Award)

A Level: Exam Board - Edexcel A level Art and Design (2015) Specification

White Brush Strokes

Learning Explorations Year 9

In Year 9 students undertake an exploration of Cranborne Chase, exploring the history and geography of a place and creating a visual response. 3D designers explore opportunities to work with practising artists to create willow sculpture while Photographers explore careers in photography working with David Riche, a professional photographer.


Alongside these explorations we support the wider school and other departments in their explorations and trips and visits, teaming up with both Spanish and Geography, creating art opportunities, education and photographic responses to their studies abroad. 

Student Guides Edexcel

GCSE & GCE (A Level)

For Student Guides for Art & Design GCSE and GCE please click the links below:

 GCSE Art & Design

GCE Art & Design


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