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Curriculum Intent: 

Our aim is for all students to have a firm understanding of the political system which underpins the values and culture of modern Britain.  Additionally, students will gain the synoptic understanding of how the British political system compares to other countries and an appreciation of how our political culture has developed. In achieving these skills our students will be able to go into the wider world with the enthusiasm and confidence to engage in the democratic process. 

Politics A Level -

It feels like there has never been a more important time to understand the political systems and institutions that govern and shape our daily lives. An A Level in Politics will not only give you this understanding but also the ability to critically analyse how politics works and who it works for. You will study key aspects of British politics including the power held at Westminster, and the impact of devolved governments in Scotland and Wales. As well as  considering the factors that shape how people participate in politics, including voting in elections and engaging with pressure groups and social movements. This study of British politics will be put into a wider context by studying other political systems such as America and the European Union. Alongside this you will gain a deep understanding of the key political ideologies of Liberalism, Socialism and Conservatism, all of which can support your knowledge and understanding of a variety of other A level subjects. The course is a linear, two year course that is 100% exam based. 


This is a subject not just for budding politicians. Although many of our students go on to study Politics at university it is also popular to combine Politics with other subjects such as History, Economics or English. Furthermore, because it gives students a detailed understanding of current affairs and legislation, it is highly suitable for careers in Business, Journalism and Law.  


Thought provoking content – Lively debates — Relevant to real life – Inspirational speakers – Great record of results – Varied lessons – Westminster Trip – Politics is everywhere! 

Edexcel A Level Politics: 

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