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Curriculum Intent:

Drama can enable and empower pupils to improve their skills in communication, language, self- confidence, speaking, listening and socially - skills needed in daily school life. Our aim is to provide a high quality and relevant drama curriculum, rich in cultural capital.


We aim for all students to be able to read, perform, technically support and analyse a wide range of texts from different cultures. We want students to be able to develop SMSC by taking on the roles of others, developing empathy and insight for different perspectives and build self-worth in performance and production.


The Burgate School treats Drama as a subject in its own right and it is very much aware of the positive influence it has on many of its pupils across the curriculum.  

Burgate is lucky enough to have a purpose-built drama studio which, whenever possible, is used and treated like a professional studio. Students and visitors alike have often commented on the ‘magical’ atmosphere that is so often felt when watching a performance in the space. Whether a short Year Nine improvisation or the Sixth Form performing Shakespeare; drama adds to a pupil’s education by fuelling their imagination, developing creative thinking and by the appreciation of the work and efforts of others. 

Course guidance:  

OCR GCSE J316 Drama 

OCR GCE H459 Drama and Theatre 

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