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Curriculum Intent:


Our aim is to enable our students to develop an understanding of the world around us through the scientific method of objective, evidence-based questioning.


We want our students to consider the implications of current and future scientific developments within our society and culture and reflect not only on their scientific impact but also the moral and social impacts that they may have. We want to inspire our students to become engaged scientifically as literate global citizens and help build the future we all want to live in.

In Science lessons, we seek to challenge and develop students’ ideas, in contexts relevant to them. We hope to enable them to sort Science fact from Science fiction. Students explore How Science Works in a modern and exciting way. They learn to assess the relevance of evidence and to have informed opinions on topics as varied as Global Warming and new strains of diseases.


As a department we achieve results well above national averages across the key stages. Through the Science Curriculum we hope to build on this success by increasing the diversity of learning experiences on offer within our subject area.

The Burgate School is lucky enough to have purpose-built Science laboratories which provide access to practical work along with facilities to share numerous digital resources that support the curriculum.

Years 7 & 8 - Activate science course: Each group will cover the three Sciences over a full term. Each topic will have a Landmark topic assessment.

GCSE Science:

The majority of our students follow a three-year programme of study that covers AQA GCSE Combined Science Trilogy in Years 9, 10 and 11. Those students who opt for Triple Award Science in Year 8, will study the three GCSE Sciences in Years 9, 10 and 11.

Examination Board: AQA: 

Combined Science Trilogy in Year 10 and 11: Combined Science Trilogy (8464) 

Triple Award:

GCSE Biology          (8461)
GCSE Chemistry    (8462)
GCSE Physics         (8463)

A Level:

We offer the OCR examination subjects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics in which we are extremely successful; a significant number of students have gone on to study medical science or engineering related courses at university. These successful courses are increasing in popularity. A number of our students have the opportunity to develop their skills by supporting STEM Club in the main school.

Biology A level:

Specification: OCR A (H420)

Chemistry A level:

Specification: OCR A (H432)

Physics A level

Specification: OCR A (H556)

Learning Explorations Year 9


During Year 9 as part of lesson content, students will conduct explorations where they will engage with and learn about concepts, ideas or news that extends the specification. They will apply scientific method and ask questions, and use cross-curricular subject knowledge to open discussions. Topics include:

  • The ethics of stem cells.

  • The history of photosynthesis

  • Industrial Chemistry – Textiles.

  • The history of the periodic table.

  • The chemistry of jewelry making.

  •  Skin care formulations.

  • Perpetual motion machines.

  • Asteroid impacts.

  • Aerogels.

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