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Choosing For Success

We operate a three year programme of study to enable the students to develop deeper knowledge and understanding of their chosen subjects and offer breadth beyond the examination specifications. We will encourage students to enjoy their learning, improve their personal organisational skills and enhance their cultural capital through enrichment opportunities.

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The GCSE offer is planned with a clear progression onto Post 16 studies and beyond. In Year 8 students are supported in making informed choices and are encouraged to study a broad range of subjects including humanities, languages and the arts. Where appropriate some students may follow an alternative curriculum.​ 

The type of Level 2 qualifications (GCSE, BTEC, CNat) on offer have been chosen to ensure high quality transition to Level 3 courses.

If having read all the information in this handbook you are still unsure what to choose: 

  • ask your subject teachers for guidance 

  • ask your tutor, your parents, your friends for their advice 


Once you have had all your questions answered and you have considered your future career needs you will be ready to fill in the Options Form.


Please note that while we make our best efforts to accommodate every student’s option choices, inevitably it is not possible to offer every combination of subjects.  We have to consider group sizes carefully to ensure that there are enough students to make the group viable, but not so many that each individual within the group cannot learn effectively. 


In the options booklet you will see our Pathways. It may be helpful for you to plan out your options on this before submitting your online form. This will then also be your record of your chosen subjects. 


Please tell us your option choices using our online Year 8 Options Form which can be accessed here on Friday 29 April, once the taster lessons have taken place. 


Good luck in the decision-making process! 

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