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Curriculum Intent: 


In geography we aspire to create an environment of awe and wonder to develop a wider curiosity in the interconnected world that we live in. Students develop a wide knowledge of human and physical processes whilst becoming a more global citizen.


We aim to develop the skills needed to be successful in the wider world including GIS, data handling and interpretation to ensure that students are employable once they have left Burgate.


We promote spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. We want our students to uphold British values and be able to appreciate other cultures, traditions and values and be respectful to others. Lessons aim to make students grapple with their learning so that they are challenged to provide academic rigor.  


A Level - Edexcel:  

Our Geography department is twinned with a school in southern Sri Lanka which was devastated in the 2004 Tsunami. 

Each year students from both schoolscreate a project which is then swapped with the other. 

Students at the two schools have shared work on their own school and the local area, environmental issues, the Olympics, tourism, culture and national parks.

Learning Explorations in Year 9

Year 9 Geographers undertake additional learning explorations within as series of lessons that draws together knowledge, understanding and skills from across other subjects to help them understand how this subject can apply to various aspects of real life. We will be drawing on themes from crime, sociology, computing, business, psychology and in the summer term will

we focus on coastal photography.   

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