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Headteacher's Welcome 




Our Vision​

We want every student to enjoy their learning and feel

valued for who they are​.

Our Values​

Kindness, Honesty, Fairness, Ambition, Confidence, Inclusivity, Enthusiasm, Creativity

Contacts and Quick links

Headteacher: David Pover

Salisbury Rd, Fordingbridge SP6 1EZ

T: 01425 652039


Key Staff Contact details Click Here

Calendar & Key Dates Click Here

For IT Support & Questions Click Here

For Gateway payment system Click Here


Student Wellbeing

Please follow the link to view our wellbeing page designed by our students.

Here you will find detailed information of our offer in school, signposting for outer agencies and our Wellbeing Hub.


Safeguarding is an integral part of

all we do at The Burgate.

Please visit our safeguarding page.

Designated Safeguarding Lead:

Heidi Shering

Deputy Safeguarding Lead:

Victoria Becher

Contact Safeguarding Team:

Community Feedback
"I love Burgate because my confidence has grown rapidly! 

The opportunities the school gives you are brilliant and are useful for the future I want to have."

Student Survey

 "Burgate has been an excellent school for both my children. They left your school as better people, thank you."

Parent Survey 

"I feel valued as part of the whole school community. I can see the impact I have on students success as

well as being supported by all staff and leadership."

Staff Survey

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