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Year 7

Starting my Careers Journey

Welcome to The Burgate! A new start in a new school, very possibly with new friends, quite probably with new routines, and definitely with new responsibilities. It’s a really exciting year you have ahead of you.

As young adults entering Year 7 you are now more than half way through your time in formal education, closer than ever to the working world, so it’s only normal that will also have some of your first opportunities to think about the future and start preparing yourself for it.

The steps you take now will set you up for future success, so make the most of it and relish every challenge!

Top tip: get into Unifrog early!

  • How much do I already know about the working world?

  • How do you ‘rate’ different jobs?

  • Why do people do the jobs they do?

  • Challenging stereotypes at work

  • A changing world?

  • How can Unifrog help me to find my way into the working world?

  • Is Year 7 too early to think about university?

  • How far have I come on my careers journey so far?

  • Be ready to present your findings!

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