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‘Enriching the school community’

All parents and students of The Burgate School and Sixth Form are automatically members of our PTSA.

We meet on a regular basis with the goal of ‘enriching the school community’ which we aim to achieve

in a variety of ways, enabling everyone the opportunity to be involved and have a voice.    

We welcome all of our parents and students to join us whenever they can and there are many reasons for you to want to get involved.


  • Parent and Student Voice – be the first to hear the latest news about our school and have the opportunity to discuss and debate issues you feel strongly about.

  • Community Spirit – many of our events are held simply to celebrate our school community and allow us the opportunity to come together in a social setting regardless of whether they provide a fundraising opportunity.

  • Social events - meet other parents and socialise with friends while helping us run many fun events throughout the year.

  • Being involved – if you like to volunteer and can offer some of your time (whether it's lots or very little) we would love to hear from you.

  • Enrichment experience – as a student, being involved with the PTSA will give you plenty of opportunities to gain experience in a wide range areas, from event planning to charity fundraising, which will provide you with some valuable evidence of skills and qualities for CVs and applications.

  • Fundraising – if you enjoy the satisfaction of helping to raise money which in turn provides essential equipment, opportunities and services for our students and their school then we look forward to hearing your ideas and having an extra pair of hands to help us meet our many goals.

In the past couple of years we have been able to sponsor many school events, host our own fundraising events and pay for a number of items in school to the benefit of our students and their families.


We are proud sponsors of the very popular Burgate’s Got Talent event which takes place every March as well as the Creative Arts Evening in the summer which showcases the wide range of creative provision at Burgate and the talents of our students. We also provide refreshments and/or support at a number of key events throughout the year, including September Open Evening, quiz nights, and school productions.

We have also helped to fund either all or part of a number of recent school initiatives including; the Memory Garden at the front of school, new sports equipment e.g. hockey goals, a brand new kiln for the school, a hanging system to showcase the art and design work of our students, footballs and basketballs for use by students at breaks and lunchtimes, as well as numerous other essential items that the school and students would otherwise not benefit from.  


If you are a parent or a student of The Burgate School and Sixth Form then please consider getting involved with the PTSA – we value your input and would appreciate any help you can provide.

Please refer to the calendar on the school website for dates of upcoming meetings and events. If you would like any further information please email: 

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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